honey – Product of National Quality!

In 2017 honey and other products of our apiary has been certified according standard of Product of National Quality!

What does it mean? Can we say, that our honey quality now is better? For sure not! But now quality of honey is supported not only by our tales but based on official documents.

Certificate means that in the vicinity of apiary there is no any industry, no motorways, not allowed any treatment of bees with antibiotics. Also no way to use of any chemicals in the apiary.

Honey extractor and other equipment is made from stainless steal, suitable for contact with food,  honey is packed only in glass jars and no any plastic allowed. Some other minor requirements also should be followed.

Now our products has right to be marked with special sign of the Product of National Quality  – “Kokybė”.

Our new labels are looking like those:

honey qualityhoney quality

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